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Comprehensive Legal Team:

Our comprehensive legal and litigation team is mainly composed of young and middle-aged lawyers. The team currently has seven lawyers engaged in comprehensive legal affairs and litigation, including one senior lawyer who served as a judge for seven years, and three senior lawyers. each with more than 10 years of litigation and consulting legal experience. The business of the comprehensive legal and litigation team includes: corporate and commercial law, contracts, mergers and acquisitions, investment, financing, and disposal of non-performing assets, labor and social security, criminal law, compliance, marriage and family affairs, administrative law, and other legal affairs.

Intellectual Property Legal Team:

Our intellectual property service team is a refined team mainly composed of young and middle-aged intellectual property lawyers, patent agents, and patent engineers. Most of the team graduated from well-known universities both domestic and abroad, with solid technical foundations. The core members are all lawyers and/or patent agents with rich practical experience in intellectual property law and education backgrounds in science and engineering.

There are currently more than 30 members in the team, including one person who has both Chinese and American lawyer and patent agent qualifications, eight people who have both Chinese lawyer and patent agent qualifications, and other members are patent agents or patent engineers. Many members of the team have obtained master's degrees or above in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

The educational background of the team covers various fields, including physics, chemistry, electronics, communications, optics, machinery, materials science, computer science, and others. The team provides clients with comprehensive intellectual property services in the fields of patents, trademarks, copyrights, technology transfer, anti-unfair competition (AUCL), and other fields in China and abroad.

Professional staff

Ying Tuo (Founding Partner)

Patent Attorney & Attorney at Law

Mr. Ying Tuo has been practicing law in China for about 20 years. His legal practice in China includes IP law, corporate law, contract law, labor law, business transactions, foreign investments, and litigation.

While working in the US, Mr. Tuo worked with two US corporations as their in-house intellectual property attorney. In that compacity, Mr. Tuo was involved with intellectual property counseling, patent application drafting and prosecution, patent strategy planning and portfolio management, supervising outside counsel regarding patent prosecution, licensing negotiation with U.S. and foreign corporations, product analysis to identify potential infringements, asserting patent infringement claims, patent infringement and validity analysis, and investigating and defending third party patent infringement allegations.

Before that, Mr. Tuo also worked with several major U.S. intellectual property law firms as legal assistant and associate. In these capacities, his responsibilities included patent application drafting and prosecution, patent infringement and validity analysis, patent portfolio analysis, IP due diligence investigation, drafting responses to defend patent infringement allegations against firm clients, and patent litigation support.

Since 2003, Mr. Tuo has been practicing law in China and Managing Partner of his own law firm. His IP practice in China includes patent and trademark prosecution, patent re-examination and invalidation, trademark opposition cancellation and invalidation, intellectual property transactions, patent infringement and validity analysis, unfair competition, trade secrets, licensing agreements, technology transfer, IP due diligence investigation, confidentiality agreement, and IP rights enforcement and litigation.  His general law practice in China includes corporate law, contract law, labor law, business transactions, foreign investments, and litigation.

Mr. Tuo has been actively participating in several intellectual property organizations including the China Intellectual Property Society, the All-China Patent Attorneys Association, and the Intellectual Property Committee of the All-China Lawyers Association. Mr. Tuo was the Chair of the China Practice Subcommittee under the Far East Practice Committee of AIPLA (the American IP Law Association) and the Vice Chair of the Far East Practice Committee of AIPLA.

Mobile: +86 13701870553  Email: yxtuo@tuoyinglawoffice.com

Yan Zhong (Partner)

Patent Attorney & Attorney at Law

Ms. Zhong got her master's degree in Civil and Commercial Law (intellectual property law) from East China University of Political Science and Law, bachelor's degree in Arts from Shanghai International Studies University, and bachelor's degree in Medicine from Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine. Ms. Zhong also received a CET-6 English certificate.

Ms. Zhong passed the National Judicial Examination in 2009 and the National Patent Agent Qualification Examination in 2011. Ms. Zhong now possesses both a lawyer's license and a patent attorney's license in China.

Ms. Zhong has worked successively in Shanghai Tenth People's Hospital, Mead Johnson Nutrition (China) Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Bristol-Myers Squibb Group, a Fortune 500 company), Parkway Medical Group (listed in Singapore’s stock exchange), Shanghai Fangben Law Firm, and Tuo Ying Law Firm (Shanghai).

Special expertise: intellectual property law, civil procedure law, company law, contract law, foreign investment, and others. Specifically: patent application, patent litigation, trademark application, trademark rights protection, medical disputes, divorce disputes, inheritance disputes, real estate disputes, claims and debt disputes, corporate legal counsel-related business, establishment of foreign-owned/joint ventures, and more.

Ms. Zhong was a lecturer in the "2012 Shanghai Postgraduate Summer School" hosted by the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, focusing on intellectual property and patents.

Mobile: +86 13801823417  Email: zhongyan@tuoyinglawoffice.com

Chole Yin (Partner)

Patent Attorney & Attorney at Law

Ms. Yin holds a Master degree in Law from East China University of Political Science and Law (focus on Intellectual Property Law), and a Bachelor degree in Polymer Materials and Engineering from Qingdao University of Science and Technology. Ms. Yin has also earned a CET level 6 certification, as well as becoming a certified lawyer and a certified patent attorney. Ms. Yin has now been working at Shanghai Tuoying Law Firm since 2009.

Ms. Yin is seasoned at patent application, patent re-examination, patent invalidation, patent litigation, and others, and has accumulated rich agency experience in such technical fields as machinery and chemistry.

Mobile: +86 13601752769  Email: chole@tuoyinglawoffice.com

Richard Shao (Attorney at Law)

Attorney at Law

Mr. Shao is a certified lawyer at Tuoying Law Offices (Shanghai). He graduated from the East China University of Political Science and Law in 1985.  In the same year, Mr. Shao engaged in judicial work in the People's Court of Xuhui District, Shanghai, and, in 1990, was promoted to judge for judicial civil, commercial, equity, contract, corporation, and other commercial cases.

In October 1996, Mr. Shao left the court and was qualified as an attorney at law. Mr. Shao has been representing trial work in civil, commercial, property, contract, and corporate cases, and providing legal services for non-litigation cases such as finance, equity trading, mergers and acquisitions, asset restructuring, and various due diligence investigations.

Representative non-litigation cases:

1. In 2017, Mr. Shao conducted a legal investigation for the Singapore listed company Oriental Group, Ltd. to verify its wholly-owned subsidiaries in China, Jiangyin Chengsheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Xinghua Rongcheng Precision Casting Co., Ltd., and a related company Jiangyin Jin Cheng Steel Co., Ltd. The investigation report was used  by the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX).

2. In May 2018, Mr. Shao was entrusted by Nanjing Jingao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. to issue a legal opinion for the non-publically-issued financing instruments (non-financial institution private placement bonds totaling RMB 500 million) of Nanjing Jingao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. in 2018, and registered the legal opinion at Jiangsu Financial Assets Trading Center Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Financial Exchange).

3. In July, 2018, Mr. Shao provided legal services to Shanghai Xiding Asset Management Co., Ltd. (Xiding Capital) and South Korean capital SV Investment (fund company) to establish a Sino-Korea mutual fund.

4. In 2019, Mr. Shao provided legal services to Shenzhen Longdian Technology Co., Ltd. for its equity financing of US$450 million, and cooperated with his legal counselling company Shanghai Yushang Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd. (Korean capital) to introduce Korea Mirae Asset Fund Management Company, Korean consortium SK Group, SV Investment (a fund management company) and other strategic and financial investors.

Mr. Shao is currently engaged in overseas mergers and acquisitions by Chinese-based companies, and providing legal services for Korean capital investment in the Chinese market.

Mr. Shao has a deep legal background and rich practical experience. He is proficient in handling civil, commercial, property, contract, and corporate cases, and is skilled in providing such legal services as equity financing, mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring. Mr. Shao maintains favorable professional relationships with clients in the international financial community in such countries as Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea, and is well-received and recognized.

Mobile: +86 13701784798  Email: richard.shao@tuoyinglawoffice.com

Tingting Qin (Attorney at Law)

Patent Attorney & Attorney at Law

Ms. Qin graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology with dual bachelor's degrees in Energy and Power Engineering and Intellectual Property Law. She was previously responsible for patent management in a large corporation. Ms. Qin later joined the Shanghai Tuo Ying Law Firm, working in the field of patent law for over ten years, and providing services to several large domestic and international enterprises including Johnson Controls, ITW, and Samsung.

Ms. Qin's areas of expertise include: patent invalidation, patent infringement analysis, patent legal consultation, and patent litigation.

Mobile: +86 15802163785  Email: qintingting@tuoyinglawoffice.com

Alan Zhu (Attorney at Law)

Attorney at Law

Mr. Zhu graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University with a Bachelor's degree in Automated Controls and a Master's degree in Micro-electronics. He has worked in several organizations including Shanghai Computer Technology Institute, Shanghai Huateng Software Systems Co., Ltd., Ping An Insurance, Bank of Communications, China UnionPay, and Shanghai Futures Information Technology Co., Ltd., and has several years of experience in financial software and circuit design.

In 2014, he began practicing law and worked at the Shanghai Xinmin Law Firm. Mr Zhu now practices law at the Shanghai Tuo Ying Law Firm, specializing in handling cases related to family law, corporate law, equity, contracts, intellectual property, bankruptcy, and criminal law.

Mobile: +86 13641605228    Email: alan.zhu@tuoyinglawoffice.com

Fan Tuo (Attorney at Law)

Patent Attorney & Trademark Attorney & Attorney at Law

Graduated from Tongji University with a major in software engineering, Fan Tuo is both a certified lawyer and a certified patent agent.

Since 2011, Fan Tuo has been working at the Shanghai Tuo Ying Law Firm, with over ten years of experience in intellectual property legal services, particularly skilled in patent and trademark applications, rights protection, dispute resolution, legal consultation, and other related matters. She became a qualified lawyer in 2019 and has handled multiple civil, commercial, and enforcement cases.

Mobile: +86 18621602721 Email: tuofan@tuoyinglawoffice.com